Spray Tanning Tips that You Probably Didn’t Know

spray tanning tipsSummer is coming and besides losing a few pounds to get back in that swimsuit, no one wants to show up with pale, white skin. Most spray tanning tips are all the same, but we dug a little deeper to find some things you may not have known.

Spray tanning is trending because it is the healthiest alternative to cancer causing UV rays from the sun and tanning beds. Now that there are many fantastic products that do not streak or turn orange, people are opting for that option over the alternative.

If you are considering this method of tanning then you will want to pay close attention to these spray tanning tips. And remember, a good spray tan product can be found at most beauty supply stores and you can find a good bottle of spray for as low as $10 so don’t worry about having to break the bank on a beautiful tan.spray tanning tips

Spray Tanning Tips that Even Veteran Tanners can Benefit From

Take your time when selecting a spray tanner, ask beauty supply store workers which product has been popular. Do a little research, and see what others are saying. You may even consider sampling the product before committing to it. Like anything else on the market, what works well for one may not be the best for another.

If you want to, exfoliate before you do your spray tan. You want to eliminate all dead skin cells to prevent discoloration and unevenness. This will not only help you to achieve a more beautiful and natural looking tan, but it will last a lot longer too.

Moisturizing can be helpful after spray tanning as well.  It is not just about moisturizing immediately afterwards to blend areas like wrists and ankles, but also after the sunless tan sets. Always follow a strict moisturizing regimen every day. It will make you look and feel better.

If you are going in for a professional spray tan rather than utilizing a home product then ask the individual about their experience. Also, see what brand of product they will be using.  Word of mouth is a great way to gauge their skills too, so ask around. After all, anyone can buy a spray tanning kit and airbrush, even you. Make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

If you are in the market to buy your own airbrush self-tanning kit try to find a manufacturer that also sends a DVD for great spray tanning tips and comprehensive instructions.  If you don’t find a DVD, just watch the Youtube video posted here in the site.

Test it on a small and hidden patch of skin, then when you are ready, spray one layer of a misting over your face and body, and let it dry. Analyze it in some good lighting, then touch up the spots that didn’t get sprayed. Let those spots dry, then if you really feel you want a darker shade, spray an additional layer of spray tan over that one. One key to having a great spray tan that isn’t too obvious or stand out too much is to just do one light layer and not lay it on too heavy. If you want the tan to last a long time, try to avoid washing your face and areas you want to keep the tan on. You can rinse your face lightly with water and dab your face with a towel as to not brush all the color off at once. And when you do need to scrub down, just spray it right back on when you’re done!

How Long Does Spray Tan Last Typically

how long does spray tan lastYou will spend around 3 hours waiting on a spray tan to fully develop, and it only lasts around one to two weeks depending on the product and maintenance. The thing about a spray tan is that it is a fast way to get a beautiful glow without harmful UV rays that cause premature aging and cancer.

If you want to make your spray tan last longer and remain beautiful then it is all about choosing the perfect product and taking care of it. For many it seems that as soon as they have reached tan perfection it starts to fade, but you can make it last longer. Then the old “how long does spray tan last” question will no longer plague you!

Exfoliation beginning days before you decide to spray tan is almost as important as the product that you choose. This removes build up, dead skin cells and smoothes rough patches that can lead to discoloration.

In order for you to get the most out of a spray tan, which again, usually lasts about a week, you have to let it dry really good. Like when you paint your nails, there will be something that you just have to do, but wait. Patience is a virtue. After all, the last thing you need is a patchy spray tan. Try standing in front of a fan, as that is a great way to help it to dry faster.

The importance of moisturizing cannot be stressed enough. This is something that should become an ongoing process. Wait until after you shower to use a good moisturizer. You will look radiant, and your tan will remain beautiful. Do not use the moisturizer if you haven’t showered or streaking may occur.

Speaking of shower, this is something you will want to avoid like the plague for at least 8 hours after tanning. This means the hot tub and pool as well. You may want to also note that chlorine can really take its toll on a spray tan. Also, just because a spray tan feels dry does not mean that it is dry. It has to develop.

When you do take a bath then blot, don’t rub while drying off. Rubbing your skin is a horrible idea, because it will take the tan off.how long does spray tan last

Wait a full day before shaving, and use a new razor every time. Be mindful of the products that you use as well. Try shaving with a moisturizer or conditioner rather than soap or shaving cream.

Creating a barrier between you and the shower can really save a spray tan. This can be done by using baby oil before you shower. While it is not recommended for daily routines, it is a great way to keep a tan looking fresh for a special occasion that you may have upcoming.

No matter how well you maintain your spray tan you will have to touch it up eventually. The more you use a spray tan the longer your skin will hold it. This is because it gets used to it.

Never apply tan daily, because it will lead to tanning problems and unevenness. You should always wait a few days between applications. If you follow these steps then your spray tan will stay looking fabulous for much longer, and your skin will thank you for it.

How to Remove Spray Tan from Your Skin 101

how to remove spray tanAnyone who had dealt with spray tan in one form or another has ended up wanting to remove it for whatever reason. Sometimes there is a tan catastrophe and other times you just want to start all over. No matter your reason for wanting to remove spray tan it can be done in a number of ways from natural to easy breezy.

While self-tanner offers a beautiful glow eventually it will start to fade, and like a new paint job, you do not want to add new over the old. Before you resort to chemical spray tan removers you should try the natural approach. Almost all you need can be found in your own kitchen!

For instance, lemon and sugar is a great way to remove spray tan. All you have to do is mix ¾ of a cup of sugar in the raw with a cup of juice from a lemon. Rub the natural concoction all over your body to scrub away the tanner. After a few minutes the tan will not only be gone, but your skin will feel thoroughly exfoliated.

If the above option for some reason is not something you wish to try then you can also use bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice to remove spray tan. This is not a fancy word for baking powder or baking soda. It is bicarbonate of soda and should be blended into a paste using the lemon juice. Use about ½ of a cup of the powder to 1 cup of lemon juice. This is something that may have to be repeated a couple of times to reach your desired results, but it will work to remove spray tan.

After the natural options have been tried you can use baby oil. Let it soak into the skin for about an hour. Take a warm bath and use your favorite loofa. The tan should come right off, and your skin will be soft.

When all else fails you can use hair removal cream, or go swimming in a chlorinated pool. Both of these options are known to remove spray tan from the skin. As a matter of fact, a lot of self-tanning gurus have found this out the hard way.

You can purchase cleansing wipes to remove spray tan as well. Go to the steam room at your local gym for about 30 to 45 minutes, and follow up with a wet towel slightly rubbing the skin to remove the left over spray tan.

When all else fails there are some great chemicals on the market that are especially formulated to help you remove spray tan from your skin. Some of these are St Tropez Tan Detox, £25.53, Whitetobrown Sunless Tan Removal Wipes, £12, Tan-Go Self Tan Remover Sachet, £4 and ModelCo Tan Remover Exfoliating Body Scrub, £25 all of which can be purchased online and sometimes in a local beauty supply store.

Whatever method you choose will surely work beautifully, and you will have a clean canvas to utilize for your next spray tan.

Spray Tan Before and After Instructions

spray tan before and afterSo, you have made the decision to go through with a spray tan? If you are serious about this then it will certainly be important for you to follow some spray tan before and after instructions.  Doing so will definitely help to ensure that your spray tan is effective and looks the way that you want it to.  After all, you do not want to pay for something that you are not pleased with.

When you are planning your spray tan before and after routine it will be very important for you to take a shower and exfoliate the day before you are scheduled for your appointment.  As you get out of the shower it will be a good idea to make sure that you are not putting any lotion on your body.  You are going to find that putting the lotion on your skin is only going to create a barrier on your skin and the spray tan will not work like you want it to.

Now, there are a lot of people that worry about what they should be wearing when they come for their spray tan.  If you are also thinking about this you will find that it recommended that you wear clothing that is loose fitting.  This decision is going to ensure that the spray tan is not irritated and rubbing off when you put your clothing back on and leave the tanning site.spray tan before and after

What about the shoes you are going to wear?  This considering is just one more of the spray tan before and after instructions that you should be thinking about.  Even if you want to wear tennis shoes to your appointment, you will want to make sure that you are taking open toed shoes with you for after the appointment.  Again, this is just going to help ensure that the tan does not rub off of your feet when you leave the appointment.

Taking a shower directly after the spray tan is not recommended.  The longer you wait before you shower the darker the tan will become.  If you are able to wait several hours after the spray tan you will be happier with the results.  However, it is often recommended that you do not wait more than 4 hours before you get a shower.  Waiting 1 or 2 hours is often the best.

Most spray tan before and after instructions will also discuss keeping the skin moisturized.  This is necessary to help ensure that the tan will not strip and continue to look nice.  Keep in mind that your tan will continue to develop, even after you have had a shower, so there is no reason for you to become upset if you are not as dark as you would like to be.  You will see the results develop long after your appointment.

It is easy to see that there are many instructions that have to be followed.  Always ask questions before you go through with the process.  The more you learn about your tan the happier you will be.

Tanning Tips to Consider

tanning tipsWhen it comes to looking your best throughout the year you may consider tanning.  If this is something that you want to do then you have to consider some tanning tips.  The more that you plan for your tanning experience the better it will be.  Then you will have the beautifully colored skin you want and you will always look your best.

One of the tanning tips you must be sure to incorporate will be related to applying lotion to your skin.  This is completely necessary to keep your skin well moisturized.  If you are able to apply lotion twice a day you will see better results.  In fact, many individuals will even report that this is going to help the tan remain a lot longer.  Keep in mind that a great tan needs healthy skin and lotion will certainly make your skin healthy.

Next, it is very important to take your time when you are just starting out.  You never want to go for a dark tan when you first begin.  It will not appear natural and it could damage your skin.  Individuals are always going to find that it will be much better to start out slow and work your way up.  Yes, it may take a little longer than you may have wanted but it will be worth it in the end.

People that are looking for tanning tips that work should also consider the fact that the tanning lotion they are using is important.  It is needed to help your body absorb the UV rays that tan the skin in the first place.  Something that is interesting to know is the fact that applying the lotion a few hours before tanning will be a lot better.  This is because it will allow your skin time to absorb the lotion so that it will be able to work properly.

Always think about where your limbs are going to be located while you are tanning.  If you are serious about the end result then you must be sure that you are moving your limbs while you are tanning.  This is necessary to ensure that you do not suffer from lines and creases when you are finished tanning.  Be sure to move your limbs every few minutes while the tanning is taking place to get the best results.

Finally, one of the best tanning tips you can follow will be related to the other chemicals you have on your skin while you are tanning.  When you are getting ready to tan you should make sure that you are not wearing any makeup or even perfume.  There are times when these items could actually irritate your skin.  Those that are wearing deodorant while tanning may even see that they are not getting a good tan around their armpits because of the deodorant.  If you are worried about these issues then you should always have clean skin before you start tanning.  You are going to have better results when you consider all of these things.

An Organic Spray Tan is a Super Alternative

organic spray tanMost people know that tanning can kill you when it is being done the old school way. UV rays from tanning beds and the sun not only cause premature aging, but they also cause cancer. This is a serious problem, and many people are turning to self-tanners for the solution.

An organic spray tan is a great solution! It is a small price to pay to look beautiful and remain as healthy as your new glow. Plus spray tanning is simple. Dawn your less desirable panties or old bathing suit and get to it. Don’t forget to wear loose clothes afterwards.

Until recently, spray tans were not the best choice. They had a long way to go, it seemed, to reach perfection. The orange color, streaking and that yucky smell is not something that you have to be concerned with when you utilize the new products today. Spray tans are definitely not what they once were, and you can even opt for an organic spray tan!

An organic spray tan is really a great option for anyone. They are the updated versions of the new and improved spray tans on the market. They do not have some of the additives that other tanners do. Alcohol, oils and dyes are not found in these healthier alternatives as many chemicals and perfumes are also obsolete. With an organic spray tan you won’t get any of these additional and unnecessary components to get a great glow.

Now the cost of an organic spray tan can vary. It depends on your personal needs, where you go and the products used just to name some. While some places will charge close to the same price as the traditional spray tan others may be considerably more. You kind of have to shop around. Neither should run too much more than $60 per session.

You definitely have a lot more perks to the organic spray tan versus the traditional one. You will utilize the same care and maintenance methods for both, and both last for around one week.

Exfoliate your skin for several days before your spray tan session. Remember to let your tan dry thoroughly. Try to avoid chlorine with a spray tan. Using baby oil before you shower will help to make the tan last longer. Do not rub your skin, but blot it dry instead. Moisturize your skin after showers as well.

You may opt for home spray tanners which is fine as well. Professional services are always better and easier, but there are some fantastic products that can be bought for in home use as well.

Remember what works well for one may not be the best product for another. Do your homework. It is not good to buy cheap spray tanners just as the most expensive does not always equal the best. See what others are saying about the new products out there.

The longer you use a spray tan the longer your skin will hold its color, but you can count on about a week of a beautiful glow if you do it right, and that is whether you opt for traditional or organic self-tanners.


Now you can get Endless Summer Tanning without the Health Risks or Premature Aging


endless summer tanningEndless summer tanning once meant hours in the sun or unhealthy tanning beds that offered color at the price of exposure to dangerous UV rays, but that is no longer the case. There are so many options to people looking for that beautiful summer glow all year around.

You simply do not have to live with health risks or being pale. You can get a beautiful color no matter what time of the year it is. You won’t put your health at risk, and it is as easy as pie. This is a no mess, no fuss way to having a beautiful, endless summer tan all year long, and the alternative is not what it used to be either.

Today’s self-tanners are not orange, streaking or stinky. You have regular or organic options, and they look flawless when done correctly and maintained. Hey are relatively inexpensive, and most spray tans last about a week. This means that endless summer tanning can be yours all year long.

You do not have to pay an arm and a leg to get a great self-tanner. Many beauty supply stores sell them for around $10 a bottle. Of course there are some far more expensive spray tanners, but don’t be fooled. While cheaper isn’t always the best rout, more expensive certainly does not mean better.

Anyone can jump online and review products, so see what others are saying. Do not jump in head over heels though. Everything does not work the same on everyone, so do a test patch first. Once you have found the perfect spray tan product you will want to exfoliate at least a couple of consecutive days before applying the product.

It is really important that you wear loose clothing after tanning, and do not shower for at least 8 hours. You want the tan to have time to develop. Once you do shower you can apply baby oil before jumping in. This will put a barrier between your ta and the shower. It acts as a protector. After showering blot dry and apply moisturizer.  These things will make your spray tan last beautifully until you have to touch up in 4 days to a week.

Chlorine, exfoliators and rubbing with a towel with fade or blotch the tan, and you never want to apply a spray tan daily. Watch the products that you use on your skin. Citric acids can flaw the tan as well.

If you are a first time tanner then it will be trial and error, of course. Still, spray tanning is the best option for anyone who wants to avoid the hot sun, tanning beds and the ill effects on your health that come along with them.

You can have an endless summer tan without the horrific side effects, and you never have to go through the winter looking pale and unhealthy again. A spray tan is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a beautiful, natural and healthy glow any time of the year.

Searching for Spray Tan Machines

spray tan machinesIf you are considering purchasing spray tan machines then you will want to have some tips in mind.  This is especially true if you have never purchased one of these before.  You will want to know that there are key elements that you have to consider.  Knowing what these things are will help to ensure that you are getting the very best machine and that it works properly.

First off, you will want to know where to purchase spray tan machines.  There are going to be several options for you.  However, the best locations for purchase will be online or through wholesale dealers.  Now, you will see that they are going to vary in price from $100 to $600.  Typically the price that you are going to pay will be related to if you are using the spray tan machines for personal or professional use.

Those spray tan machines that are going to be used for professional, salon use, will be a lot more expensive.  This is because there are often going to be a number of accessories that will be purchased with the machine.  For example, the owner will need to have spray booth enclosures or other accessories that are required according to set regulations.

When someone is planning on purchasing spray tan machines it is nice to know that it can be possible to customize the machine.  Doing so is a great way to customize the look and feel of the salon that you are opening.  There are plenty of machines out there that are going to give you the opportunity to actually purchase a number of different panels.  This is wonderful because it will give you a lot of options and the ability to be creative.

Anyone that carries out the search for spray tan machines should also try to find out just how loud the machine is going to be.  Now, this may not be important to you if you are looking for a machine that will be used for personal use.  But, those that are looking for a machine for a business should ensure that the machine will be quiet.  You will be able to determine this in advance if you simply stop and read some reviews that others have posted before you actually make a purchase.

Finding spray tan machines does not have to be complicated but it can be time consuming.  There are many features to consider and it will be important to do your research before you make any final decisions.  Determine how heavy the machine would be and if it has a case with it.  All of these answers can help you decide which one will be best for you, depending on your needs.  Take the time to look at the spray nozzle as well because you are going to want to make sure that it is adjustable.  This can quickly become a deciding factor for many people as they search for the best spray tan machines on the market.

Tanning Bed Tips to Get the Best Tan

tanning bed tipsIf you are planning on using a tanning bed then you should have a few tanning bed tips to help get you started.  Having these tips will help you get a great tan.  They can even help keep you safe.  Just take some time to go through these and apply them when you carry out your tanning.  You will be glad you did.

First and foremost, you have to make sure that you are establishing a base tan.  This is done by taking your time and starting out slowly when you first begin tanning.  It is never a good idea to start out tanning for several minutes because you are only going to burn your skin.  You are going to find that it will be a lot better for you to start out slowly and then build up your time.  It will be possible for you to increase the amount of time you are tanning once you have a base tan.

Second, consider the maintenance that you are doing on your tan.  There are a lot of people that will start out tanning a lot.  Once they have achieved the tan they are looking for they will stop.  Then the tan begins to decrease and they start tanning again.  This is a problem because the person will go from dark to light, back and forth.  It is always better to tan a few times each week and go between low and high intensity to keep your tan looking amazing all of the time.

Tanning bed tips are going to include what you do before you go for your tan as well.  It is recommended that you get a shower and exfoliate your skin before you get into a tanning bed.  This helps to remove the dead skin cells so that you get a great tan.  Now, if you find that you are worried about sensitive areas of your body burning then you can cover these with a bathing suit.  Many people will do this.

There are a lot of people that do not consider what they are using to wash their skin and this can be damaging.  You are going to find that some people will continually use soap that dries out their skin.  This will not help you achieve a healthy glow that you can feel good about.  Therefore, it will be best to use a soap that has been known to rehydrate the skin.  You may want to consider using lotion to help with this as well but you should be aware of what you are using because some types of lotion will only irritate your tanned skin.

In the end, you have to understand that using a tanning bed is not going to solve all of your tanning needs if you are not using it correctly.  Individuals will see that using these tanning bed tips can help achieve a healthy, bronzed glow that anyone can be proud of.  That is why it is good to know them and keep them in mind.

Finding the Best Bronzer

best bronzerWhen it comes to finding the best bronzer you have to consider several different tips.  It will not be nearly as easy as simply picking one off of the shelf and then applying it.  This is because some bronzers are better than others.  Also, people have different skin types and needs.  Because of that, you want to be sure that you are picking the very best bronzer to ensure that it looks good on you.

As you start your search for a bronzer it will be very important for you to determine what goal you are hoping to accomplish.  This is necessary for you to determine because you will find that some bronzers can be used to give the appearance that you have tanned.  Others are simply going to highlight certain areas of your face.  You must decide what you want to accomplish so you know what to purchase.

Now, you will see that there are going to be a number of bronzer formulations that can be purchased as well.  For example, you may find one that is a simple powder but there are others that are more like creams.  A powder will help to take away any oily appearances that may be on the skin.  Those that are creamy will help to moisturize your skin.  It is always a good idea to understand this so that you can decide which one you want to buy based on what your needs are.

Anyone that is looking for the best bronzer should spend some time determining the best shade.  A bronzer can look really bad if it is not the correct shade.  You may want to know that a lighter skin is going to look good with a honey or peachy colored bronzer.  Individuals that have a darker colored skin will see that they are going to look better with a bronzer that is cinnamon colored or a copper color.  It is always a good idea to consider the foundation color you are using to help you decide on the best bronzer.

Finally, always keep in mind that even the best bronzer can look really bad if you are not applying it correctly.  If you are using a powdered bronzer then you will need to use a brush for the application.  Always make sure that you are tapping the extra off of the brush so that you do not apply to much.  However, if you are using a liquid bronzer then you should use your fingers or a sponge.  Always take the time to ensure that the bronzer is blended completely if you want it to look great.

Those that are struggling to find a bronzer that looks good will want to speak with a professional.  This person will be able to help you find the best match.  No matter what make sure that you are not going over board with your bronzer.  A little bit can go a long way and you do not want to overdo it because to much will look bad.